Distilled Creative: Revolutionizing Radio Advertising

May 2, 2024

In the fast-paced world of advertising, efficiency matters.

Distilled Creative and Kingstar Media have teamed up to bring you an innovative solution: a high-quality radio spot produced in just 5 days starting at just $2,500. But that’s not all—we also offer a response-focused radio campaign for $5,000 per week, reaching millions of listeners across multiple markets. With Distilled Creative’s expertise, your ad can be on air within a week.


Why Choose Distilled Creative?

  • Comprehensive Production: From casting to recording, we handle every aspect of audio production seamlessly
  • Exceptional Post-Production: Our skilled in-house editors refine music and enhance audio elements, creating memorable recordings.
  • Creative Concepts: We tell compelling stories through impactful audio, resonating with your audience.
  • Distribution Prowess: Trust us to maximize the reach of your radio spot, ensuring it echoes through the airwaves.
  • Powered by industry-leading equipment:  We harness the precision of ProTools mixing and the acoustic perfection of our soundproof booth for recording excellence.


Sleep Country


Collaboration for Success

Distilled Creative and Kingstar Media offer a streamlined, cost-effective solution. Say goodbye to long lead times and hello to a radio spot that captures attention and drives results.

Let’s transform your advertising game together.

Lucas Horrobin

Lucas Horrobin

Director, Content and Creative

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